khao san at bangkok

khao san is really very happening. the nightlife is unlike the one we find in sg. i really liked the vibe. i was so immerse with everything that i think i went into my 'own' dimension. just keep snappingmy camera away!

there were so many locals over there making a living, selling a huge array of stuffs!



even fake IDs! so cool.

we tried this 'mass' massage area. it was good considering it was my first time doing any kind of massage, i didn't have anything to benchmark with. Felt so good after that.

& then there's a crepe stall. love her crepes that we ended buying another one!

this guy just winked at my camera so i managed to take a fast shot.

we bought the tastiest pad thai we had for our whole thailand trip. & it was in khao san!

some shots of us!

we walked through a dark alley & emerge through another part of Khao san. personally i liked this second area more. it has a quieter vibe compared to all the hustle and bustle on the other side.


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