land of mango sticky rice.

Last year in december, i travelled to bkk. it was such a great deal because we paid SGD210 for SQ flight tix!

& it was my first time to thailand! i've never been travelling around SEA, there's so much i've yet discover. 

& so we checked into our hotel which was also pretty decent.

& we took a cab down to the temple to pray.

right at the gate we meet the sleeping's amazing to see how he could sleep so soundly & so oblivious to his surrounding.

& these birds to be set free and caught again & again & again.

dance for the gods.

& the holy shrine of the 4 face buddha.

after the visit we went exploring around the area. bkk has such a bustling night life. there's sooo many people & things going on!

& obviously i headed for the street food first! my 1st priority for bkk was food.


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