melts green tea ice cream .

so after that, we arrived at central mall for fooooodddd.. personally, i would prefer more street food while the couple, can't really handle the unhygienic street food. haha. so we ate thai food inside the mall.

love this thingy. i've forgotten what was that alrdy.

i really didn't expect myself to be overwhelmed by the food choices within the mall! their decor is also so pretty.

cute piggy!

omg, the desserts selections. i think i went around the whole level more than 3 times before we decided on what to get. & i was so excited and living in my own bubble that i keep knocking onto people unintentionally.

before continuing on with this post, please bear my spastic face throughout all the pics. i was so excited & every picture of me has the same 'mouth opening' face.

firstly, we got crepe. it was good.

& while we were waiting for the crepe, we were looking at the nutella bottles that they display. look at nat's excitement! & how tiny the nutella bottles can be.

obviously one crepe is not enough.....

this is my favourite dessert by far. green tea ice cream from melts. it's so so so so so good. just the way i like it. imo, haagen dazs and baskin robins can't beat it.

happy me.

& here are some random pics we took from the mall. jf funny pic & the cath kidson store

& after that we went outside the mall for some bokeh pics. it was xmas & there were so many pretty lights! i'm really impressed because orchard seems v dull in comparison.

another funny pic! hahahahhaa.

after that we got some stuff from macdonalds. (thailand's agenda is to eat eat eat eat eat)

& we took a cab back home. there was a nice propped up bar/performance area. really wanted to spend some time there because there was a really good vibe, but we were so tired that we decide to head back to the hotel to play card games.

& i took the chance to takeaway some street food. the mango sticky rice is sosooooooooooososoosos good. it's soooooooo good. & blogging about it now makes my mouth water!


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