On our third day, we set off to chinatown. it's another huge place! & it's never ending. keep discovering things that i didn't know that i wanted.

first thing, we arrived at chinatown & eat! we were so hungry that we settled down at some weird alley. of course our two atas friend couldn't really finish eating & maybe because the rice is a lil. different from what we were used too.

nevertheless i still enjoyed my food! hehe.

pig ears! that noone touched except me.

i didn't touch this veggie, anchovies thingy.

the som tam is soooooooo good.

then we head to another part.

mango salad! hmmmm~ yums

chinatown is full of whimsical stuffs. there's so many party stuff at a very very affordable prices. gosh, i really shopped alot of rubbish! hehe.

after shopping like forever, i still wanted to continue shopping but it was getting late alrdy and we had decided to head to the mall to have food since the couple didn't really had a filling brunch. so tuktuk here we go!!!


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