colours makes me happy.

finally i went to try the colorful xiao long bao which i often seen in alot of people's facebook pictures. it was such an interesting novelty that i had longed to try for a long long long time.

anyway for those who have no idea where to find it,
it's at Paradise Dynasty @ ION Orchard.

it's no surprise that the owner is so young! i wanted to apply to become their marketing exec because i thought that the paradise coy has really good potential to grow. they have good food and interesting concepts.

ashley liked their shen jian bao (fried meatbuns?) that we ended up ordering another serving.

their bean paste noodles was also very good!

i liked the ambience and the service. it was prompt and this east asian looking server was also very polite even when one of us spoke in chinese and he totally dont understand what we were speaking.

will head back again! wheeeeeeee


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