cookies & carrot cakes

we went out for dinner during one of our weekends. i like going to cafes & eat and all.

& it's nice that there are cafes popping out here and there. but the some of their prices dont really match the value that get. imo. or maybe it's because singapore living expenses are getting alarming higher & higher.

to digress, on another occasion, we(ash&i) decided to go out tgt to orchard. & the train was so freaking packed that i didn't manage to get out of the train! ashley managed to get out but i was stuck! had to go to the next stop to take the train back. i'm beginning to stay out of town/city area during weekends & trying to go to heartland places that still have nice places to chill.

oh, & i've found a way to make green tea cookies. been trying out green tea recipes here and there & this is one successful one. i've made it for my sis when her friend went to korea during mid feb this year. unfortunately my mom's 16 years oven have decided to retire on me. so i need to get one soon!


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