summary of the month.

Some learn to find comfort in their unbearable pain by hanging on. They play victim, martyr and saint with such gusto, convinced that holding on is a sign of strength. They don’t know that there is incredible strength and courage in letting go.

my emotions pretty overwhelming this few weeks.
sometimes i'm uncertain and seriously confused, other times i'm just frustrated.
right now, i feel like i'm running in circles, trying to get somewhere but i find myself at the beginning again. i'm like the fool in the major deck of a tarot card.
there were so many decisions to be made & so many that are not that clear cut. there's many things that are left on a standstill.
i've hurt someone dear to me and got hurt by someone else as well. i'm hoping that it will be over but i think it's just the beginning. i don't feel that things are going to be easier by the way.

other than that, i still have a long list of things i want to blog about.


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