disney on ice!

my first time catching disney on ice!
when jw asked me along, i immediately say yes. i'm such a huge disney fan.

the show is structured into different themes.
True Love

Obviously my favourite is true love because i get to see the princesses dance!

Birthdays! They even invite little girls dressed in princess wear to go up to the ice rink.


brooms are skating. haha.

this boney guy is such a good skater!

Princess part. (*-*) *eyes teary part.

Countries. they had so many like hawaii, china, japan(my favourite), some state in us


toy story!

as thinkerbell waves her wand!

MAGIC!!!   {ラブ}


two of my capricious friends..

after that we headed down to liang court to indulge in yummy japanese cakes!

& jap curry for dinner!


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