korea in 2011

it's been more than half a year. i'm really busy with alot of stuff. haha. b3 kept bugging me to post up pictures from the trip. so here i am presenting you pictures which i have selected from our first day.

we arrived late at night the night before. & the day after we had to catch a plane to jeju so we hung out at hongdae area since it's where my sis lives.

there's loads of cafes throughout the whole area. i really liked the cafe culture in korea. each cafes have their own concept & style.

most of the shops aren't open before noon so we didn't get to shop. i really like how they decorate and colour their shop front.

this is one shop which really caught my eye. it's so 'nature, lifestyle' inspired. though we didn't had any chance to drop by it. we weren't sure whether was it a cafe/drinking place.

this is so cute. this is a truck load of stationery items for the students in the area.

adorable graffiti.

coffee & drink looks so spooky. the cafe looked like a vintage european style of cafe when we looked from the outside.

koreans could score A+ for visual merchandising. everything just look so nicely done up!

i think this bakery should be quite nice. haha didn't manage to try it as well. sigh...

art box!

oh btw, this is one of my top few cafes. i really enjoyed my coffee there. unfortunately it has already closed down even though they serve really good coffee.


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