ramyun & abalone porridge.

lunched at some place which has quite a bit of crowd. & it was funny when the waiter knew that we tourist, he tried to help us by showing us where are the utensils are kept, water, stirring of the rice. it was quite helpful of him.

so spicy. so good. yums.

& after that we headed home grabbed our tiny bags & off we went to gimpo airport for our flight to jeju!

arrived at jeju safely, checked into our hostel without much problems with our directions. yeha hostel was a quaint and warm place. cozy & the people are really helpful.

not knowing what to eat, we decided to try what one of the hostel's information boards recommended.

& we were hesitant before we enter the shop.

but got persuaded by the sweet ahjuma. haha.
i will always remember how she made us choose our food. she gave us a menu with 4 types to choose, or so we thought. at the end, she made the decision for us. we choose 1 & 3. she would answer 1&2, we choose 2&3, she would answer 1&2.

& luckily the food served was yummy! after the meal then i was enlightened by my sis that jeju is famous for their abalone porridge. so i'll definitely recommend people to try it!

we also tried the hotstone abalone rice. the ahjuma mixed some butter mixture together with the rice. it was oh so yummy. hehe.


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