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jeju-do travels; mount halla.

we passed by hallasan on our 3rd day at jeju!

set off really early in the morning!

our meals at jeju

seopjikoji is at a really secluded place. we weren't sure whether are there any food places. we ended up walking around and found a convenience store and bought ice cream before we walk out to the main road to catch a cab back to seongsan (sunrise peak) area for late lunch.

we had fish & sea urchin soup!

after lunch we took a bus back. buses along jeju was hard to figure out because there is no english at all! i had to ask a local who couldn't speak any english. omg. {涙}

by the time we arrived to our hostel area it was late already and my sis had arrived in jeju. so we headed to have porridge at 'story of porridge'.

jeju-do: seopjikoji coast

after visiting sunrise peak, we headed down to seopjikoji by cab.

the house of all in, never watched the shows before so we didn't went in. anyways, i like how the korean tourism integrate their different industry together.

such a happy sight!