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day six in seoul; paris bakery & ramyun dinner

breakfast at paris bakery, it's a bakery that can be found almost anywhere in korea. just like breadtalk in singapore.

in the evening, we met with a friend from korea who brought us for dinner at a restaurant which is apparently opened by a korean celeb. you could see signatures of celebs around the store.

we had a local dish where they cooked instant noodles with sausages & cheese.

cafes in seoul; cafe bene!

at first glance, cafe bene looks like a spin off from coffeebean. we settled down on cafe bene outlet a couple of walking distance from hongik station.

we chatted till late at night before we walked home. it was such a cozy place & i could stay for a long long long time!

seoul; snapshots around namdaemun, myeongdong & dongdaemun

i love shopping. so these three areas of seoul (namdaemun, myeongdong & dongdaemun) are the most recommended places to go for shopping. depending on what kind of shopper are you. I personally enjoy shopping at namdaemun & dongdaemun!

so on our 4th day, we went to namdaemun & myeongdong!

our first stop namdaemun. it's a wholesale market which sells almost everything! from clothes, furniture, accessories, food, beauty, souvenirs, stationeries etc. etc. etc! it's no good for my budget and luggage because i ended up buying random stuff from the stalls!

after that we walked from namdaemun to myeongdong. there's loads of shopping to do at myeongdong & recent years, i find that there are more and more korean beauty brands appearing on the streets. it's kind of mad because you keep seeing the same shops like 'faceshop' or 'etude house' appearing at every corner.

& we ended up having dinner at myeongdong as well!

really like how the look and…

jeju-do travels; a summary.

jeju is such a pretty island. i personally recommend people to stay there for at least 3 days to fully enjoy the sights that it has to offer! i would stay at least a week because this time; i didn't have the time to visit some of the caves (UNESCO site) and explore halla mountain. I would definitely visit again!

so here's a lil summary of the entire jeju trip!
1st 24hrs at Jeju,
 ate abalone porridge. 
 visited & climbed sunrise peak! (part 1 & part 2)
 visited seopjikoji coast.
ate fresh seafood!

the next 24 hrs we,
 passed by hallasan
 went to the teddy bear museum
 dropped by the chocolate museum as well,
 discover the beauty of the fairyfalls;
 ended our lovely trip with a visit to the green tea farm and enjoying sweet treats made of green tea!

so, on our last evening, we ordered chicken for dinner.

&&&& this is our hostel common space. where we had our breakfast before heading to the airport the next day.