jeju-do travels; teddy bear museum

the teddy bear museum was inside my itinerary because of how the bears are showed in the 'goong' korean drama aka princess hours. i thought i was able to see more of the bears which are shown in goong. 

anyways, the bears cleverly mimic people, history or fairytales in the museum.

snow white over here.

tarzan & jane i think.

qin shi huang's mausoleum 

landing on moon

chinese new year

one of my favourite display - DISNEYLAND!

traditional korean wedding ceremony.

goong bears~

here comes louis vuitton bear!

 we also caught a show in the museum. a tribute to elvis, i find it so incredibly lame that it's hilarious....

a gigantic elvis bear...

our poses with the famous art pieces.

there's also an outdoor area where people could chill during summertime i guess. it was so wet and rainy when we visited since it was autumn. we had lunch at the museum before heading out for some pictures when the rain stopped.


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