seoul; snapshots around namdaemun, myeongdong & dongdaemun

i love shopping. so these three areas of seoul (namdaemun, myeongdong & dongdaemun) are the most recommended places to go for shopping. depending on what kind of shopper are you. I personally enjoy shopping at namdaemun & dongdaemun!

so on our 4th day, we went to namdaemun & myeongdong!

our first stop namdaemun. it's a wholesale market which sells almost everything! from clothes, furniture, accessories, food, beauty, souvenirs, stationeries etc. etc. etc! it's no good for my budget and luggage because i ended up buying random stuff from the stalls!

after that we walked from namdaemun to myeongdong. there's loads of shopping to do at myeongdong & recent years, i find that there are more and more korean beauty brands appearing on the streets. it's kind of mad because you keep seeing the same shops like 'faceshop' or 'etude house' appearing at every corner.

& we ended up having dinner at myeongdong as well!

really like how the look and feel of this donut shop.

on the next day we headed down to dongdaemun for more shopping. there's the iconic western gate. dongdaemun is another wholesale place. i usually go to the area where they sell loads of clothings for females. unfortunately, i dont take pictures once i start shopping because it's sooooo crowded!


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