day seven in seoul; se7en chicken shop, a cake from paris bakery, gina's ddeokbokki, hongdae's street & streetfood

so for our seventh day in seoul, we decided to stay around hongdae area. so our first itinerary is to head down to se7en chicken restaurant to have lunch. on our first day we tried to look for his store and walked around hongdae up and town for multiple times and still could not find it. so my sis brought us down instead. i think it was a really good lunch.

after lunch we headed down to have 1000 won waffles with icecream (also recommended by my sis). the girls had to eat ice cream in the cold. hahahaha i dont really know is it a suffering or what. but i'm sure it's really good for summer.

after that we walked around, shopped and decided to buy a cake from paris bakery. no special occasions just that we have always wanted to try the cake that is strongly promoted by paris bakery. korean cakes are always so pretty. it was soooo hard to choose which one to try!

after cakes, we took a little rest before headed out during the evening to have our dinner. we ate mostly street food because we were so stuffed by the cake!

after that we shopped around & here's some snapshots of hongdae x


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