seoul; ssamziegil at Insadong

Insadong is  the traditional area of seoul. the streets are lined with souvenir shops, traditional food & quaint little art shops. We happened to passed by Ssamziegil & dropped by. the building seemed to be somewhat like a school or sorts. until when we entered, we realised that it's a complex with more art shops, handicraft, accessories & galleries.

i like ssamziegil. it's such a fun place to window shop! i think it might be its structure or decor, because when i was there, i felt peaceful and happy vibes~

idk if you can see, the levels are designed in a way that is slanted. so you can choose to take the stairs up & walk down the levels. so cool!

graffiti allover the walls & furnitures

pictures of people taking pictures around ssamziegil.

this is so cute! pancakes looking like a piece of {うんこ}


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