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seoul; lovelocked.

as we exited the tower, we found hundreds and thousands of locks of different colours, shapes and wishes are locked on the perimeters of the outdoor platform. Views of seoul can be seen from the area. it was such a romantic place.


being a wedding planner.

as many people might know, i'm currently a wedding planner with Chere weddings! I've so many things to share on my personal blog, but i've been so so busy and occupied. & i can't believe that it's already almost 1 year since i've came back from korea & i haven't finish blogging about it!

anyways, here are some pictures from instagram. mostly wedding related.

beautiful wishing arch by boenga from last saturday's wedding! it's setup in the foyer & the chairs behind were for a jadore, an all ladies string quartet!

visit to bridal boutiques together with our brides.

margaret brides.

olive suite.

peony corsage by boenga for another wedding earlier this year.

flowers for solemnisation at fort canning hotel.

photoshoot at kent ridge together with bride & groom.

posies for our beach wedding. with the flower decor made by us!

wedding at labrador park! love the huge balloons which i've gotten from edwin's balloon company - The Balloon…

seoul; nseoul tower

so after teddy bear museum, we headed upwards to nseoul tower!

hi mom!

btw, this is the 'highest' post office in the world! i totally regretted not bringing out my organiser with all my friend's addresses.