colours of foreverland II, halloweeen!

this pictures were taken about a year ago. i can't believe my procrastination had lead to this......

anyways. halloween decor {ハロウィン} around everland was pretty! but because i'm such a scaredy cat. i didn't dare to head into the haunted houses & what nots. I stick to the normal cutesy kind of halloween cartoons.

after taking some pictures around the gardenish area, we went to the parade area.

this lady resembles suzy from MissA. she's quite patient with all those little minions surrounding her..

and the show starts! this purple hair guy was one of the host, teaching us little hand signs to go along with the songs. he reminded me of the people from the capitol of Panem in the Hunger games trilogy!

& a while later, the mascots appeared!

omgish~ i love the cute version of Frankenstein! i remember vaguely when i went to USS last year & i took a picture with him 'proposing' to me. {ラブ}

there were also little audiences who took part as ghost mascots in the parade! i remember all the kids were fighting to wear the 'ghost' costume...

& then, with my limited knowledge of korean, there were some narration about bad people and some uttering of spells from the audiences.


all the 'bad' guys became good. lol. & this lady was so pretty!

when the parade ended, there were ball shooting everywhere. i managed to grab one. but totally didn't know what is the use for the balls.

so we ended up taking pictures.


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