colours of foreverland IV, night

when the sky turned dark, we continue to roam around & enjoyed the pretty night lights around the park..

huge ghost tree!

night portion of the parade.

& i took a thrilling ride by myself!


& after roaming around, we settled down to wait for the night parade! i always like to see the lights and dancers in pretty costumes!

even the babies were so excited. this little bunny was beside me the whole time.

& the train~

with children on top as guests i suppose.

cards that reminds me of alice in wonderland...

cute little bunny!

& the main mascot for the park!

after the parade, i knew there was supposed to be something more so we headed along where everyone else was going....

it was the garden where we took picture during the earlier part of the day.

so i took random pictures and we stood around, not knowing what to expect.

& the show did start after a while! as more people gathered.

because it was in korean, i didn't really understand it. it's something about the phoenix defeating the dragon with 5 other characters.

& then there was some pyrotechnic effects & fireworks!
friggin super bombed the fireworks. the wind wasn't blowing the right way and i was quite disappointed that the smoke covered the fireworks.

after that people headed out the park. so we headed back. took a bus to gangnam & then train back to hongdae.


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