cafes in seoul; hello kitty cafe

because the hello kitty cafe is right smack on hongdae, it was one of our must go list for our cafes.

when you enter, its a full load on of PINK. PINk everywhere! 

It's a two storey cafe and we wanted a quiet area so we snugg behind a small area. 

we wanted to order desserts but i think the waffles that we wanted are out of stock. so we had green tea latte and coffee instead.

they came in adorable hello kitty designs. too cute to drink!!

after chilling at the small corner, we were joined by other hello kitty fanatics who also took random pictures - just like us. so we chatted for a while and headed upstairs to take some pictures.

as you can see, it's also pink all over.

overall the experience of hello kitty cafe wasn't that great. i mean the desserts were not available and pretty pricey compared to other cafes. there was also un-cleared cups and plates while i could observe some staff who just chatting in a corner. 

obviously, hello kitty has a certain brand image and i do expect a better cafe experience. It's really a novelty and i really doubt that i would return. 


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