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Staycation at MBS.

We booked a room at MBS the next night because it's iconic and definitely a place to visit and stay for tourist.

Four of us stayed overnight and we had dinner together at No Signboard with some IMI people.

The next day, we woke up early next day and swam in the infinity pool yet again before we checked out.

Big Bang Concert 2012

Clariol dropped by Singapore and together, we went for big bang's concert! Borrowed my sister's lens and took really good photos. We had an amazing night~

Here are some concert pictures. I took so many pictures and this is like 1% of everything.

Sapa; Rainy trails & Eddiez Cafe

The next day, it rained so heavily and I rented a pair of boots.

We went to houses and ended up at a waterfall. 

The waterfall was so scary and it didn't seem very safe.

We rested on the stalls where we bought hot bamboo rice and sweet potatoes to warm our bellies. It was so nice eating hot food as it was so cold.

I wore a poncho which got torn halfway.

We went to watch a show as well, where they showed traditional dances.

After which, we decided to head back because the weather was terrible. We decided to take a bus instead of walking back.

We went back to the hotel and because we have already checked out in the morning, we went to a rest area where we took a warm shower. We had the best apple cinnamon tea with our lunch while we sleep.

After waking up, we went to Eddiez Cafe just before we set home. It was a cafe that attracted me during the first day.