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seoul; another cafe bene

yay! this is the last part of my korea travelogue 2011. i'm really backdated & lazy. though i think it's fine since i'll reminisce the past while i take my time sorting out the pictures and editing them.


their gelato & waffles are pretty good!

cafes in seoul; rustic brick cafe

another cafe entry from my travels.

i could not recall the actual cafe name only it was located around Hongdae area.

i like how cozy and fuzzy feeling the cafe had. it feels like i could stay and talk with b3 for a long long long time.

blankets to keep us warm.

seoul; foodie.

not forgetting famous korean barbecue.

at 4999 won/pax!

seoul; ehwa women's university II

more photos & snapshots while we ventured the campus.

seoul; ehwa women's university

while walking around the area, we decided to explore the university!