alot of people were dressed up for fasnacht.
it's basically a huge cultural event throughout switzerland. it goes on for about a week or so. people basically dress up like Halloween. there are music and bands playing throughout town and people will just party all day long. the bands here can also get free drinks from restaurants and i heard that if you dress up, you will also get free drinks too.

i wish i had dress up like some of my other classmates who did. it's so fun. but nevertheless, i still had fun taking photos with them as well as the student bar.

feast your eyes. =p


evon and nikko, they were really scary. 恐いい過ぎ!!! {汗}

joker as a construction worker and angel

scary monsters unite! 

little red indian 

we had tequila shots. Which, according to cheryl and jiawen, tasted really disgusting.

mr bean/pedro

justin and me 

some group shots

apparently there were alot of rumours flying around the next day during brunch. since everyone at the party knows each other, and when people get out of hang and do crazy stuff, it will be known. this is how scary student bar is.

the worst thing was i miss out most of the hot gossips, didn't manage to see many things{グズン}. half of the time i was in my own world dancing like a crazy woman, oblivious to my surroundings. probably the next student bar, i should try people watching and see interesting stuffs. hehe.


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