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carpenter and cook

we went for desserts at carpenter and cook after annette's school fair thingy.

its quite an interesting cafe, by 3 girls, carpenter, cook and an event stylist.

coincidentally we had them help to decorate a wedding recently at Suburbia!

b3's bday last year

we had dinner at this french restaurant at holland v for evon's belated bday. after dinner, we grabbed ice cream and ate it on the side walk at chip bee gardens.


fat boy burger

we went to fat boy burger one fine day. but we didn't eat any burger! i remembered being quite full so we ordered breakfast set and fries to share.

after that we decided to met with ashley. but i have totally no memory of where we had dessert! gosh, i think we ordered sticky date pudding and some kind of icecream with coffee drizzled over it.

the garden slug

one fine day, the bananas went for dinner at the garden slug. it was a nice evening with lots to chat in the quiet restaurant.

Wedding Planner: Pre-wedding shoot

one of the days in last year june, i've joined weiwei to help with gerald & siying's pre-wedding photoshoot.

it was such a humid morning as the couple was sweating under the warm singapore sun. but it was definitely worth it.

photos: avior pictures
wedding planner: chere weddings & parties

the ship restaurant

pictures when we dined at the ship restaurant! meiqing was near my place when she had to get smth done for the knee. the silly girl, likes to exercise too much!

harry potter exhibition in Singapore!

we headed down to the harry potter exhibition in Singapore! initially it was supposed to be a huge gang of us. but i forget how it ended up just gj and me.

the exhibition is exactly the same as it is in New york, just that the entrance and the overall feel is on a much grander scale! especially since the one in singapore is held at the Art Science Museum!

the last time i've been there was for the Titanic Exhibition. I thought that the titanic one was really good! in fact, it exceeded my expectation. (i think i didn't blog about it.)

well, pictures are not allowed here as well.

by the time we ended the exhibition, it's already evening time.

i think we walked around and ended up watching the MBS lightshow.

lots and lots of bubbles!

dinner at paulaner. we ordered schweinshaxe (pork knuckles) & currywurst (sausages in 'german' curry - my fav).
it was way toooooo much for 2 people and we ended up not finishing our food.