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ducks at imperial treasure

happy bday to me w amk group!

group therapy cafe

brunch at group therapy cafe x

yum yums

my birthday

the day before my 23rd bday, i went out with some of the peeps from tr01. we ended up going to a shisha place for dinner!

during that time, mr k keep texting me on where i was doing. when i went home, lay on my bed, someone knocked and open my door. and he appeared! seriously he flew down from hochiminh to spend my bday!

i literally screamed. cause he gave me another shock!

the day after, we went out shopped and had dinner with ash & twins at some hot pot place.

celebrated JF and my bday!

the day he asked.

mr k asked me out before he went to vietnam for his internship. we watched man in black III i think in gold class at vivo city. seriously he was so late! we met at shaw's mac and i waited for so long!

after the movie, we headed to suburbia for dinner. really liked how quiet it is.

the meal was satisfying! and when i waited for the desserts. he went to the toilet and came back, presented me with a shock.

seriously. shocked, when he came back with a tiramisu and declared his love for me. lol. i felt so awkward so i didn't say anything and just asked for a picture? lol.

when we went home in a taxi, we didn't really talk. i felt awkward cause i was still recovering from the shock. anyway, when we arrived he took a long time to pay the taxi driver. I came out of the taxi first and when he came out, he asked me to open the carboot or smth. & hidden inside was a hugeeeeeeee bear!!! we talked a while before he went home and he told me all about his 'adventures to make tha…