the day he asked.

mr k asked me out before he went to vietnam for his internship. we watched man in black III i think in gold class at vivo city. seriously he was so late! we met at shaw's mac and i waited for so long!

after the movie, we headed to suburbia for dinner. really liked how quiet it is.

the meal was satisfying! and when i waited for the desserts. he went to the toilet and came back, presented me with a shock.

seriously. shocked, when he came back with a tiramisu and declared his love for me. lol. i felt so awkward so i didn't say anything and just asked for a picture? lol.

when we went home in a taxi, we didn't really talk. i felt awkward cause i was still recovering from the shock. anyway, when we arrived he took a long time to pay the taxi driver. I came out of the taxi first and when he came out, he asked me to open the carboot or smth. & hidden inside was a hugeeeeeeee bear!!! we talked a while before he went home and he told me all about his 'adventures to make that night happened. seriously. drama man....

that boy was late cause he was planning all these surprise for me. i know he's sweet and all but i didn't say yes or what. i said no comments. and i guess he was a little disappointed that night. lol.

i sent him off the next day to the airport together with his intern boss and colleague. and it was only after a few days till i told him casually over the skype.


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