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mekong; bee farm

after lunch, we went back on the boat and travelled deeper into the villages.

see the little boy swimming in the muddy waters of mekong. i wouldn't dare because i have no idea what is inside the waters.

once we arrived the island, we took a walk to see this..

lol, look at my scared face!

it's actually bees! lots and lots of bees. they were buzzing around us as we walked around the island!

we rested and had some honey + tea + lemon drink. it was really good. i almost bought some but decided against it as it will be such a bother to bring around through my travels.

a bee was stuck inside the cup and i managed to capture it coming out of the cup. {みつばち}

the lady showed us the bees.

after that we went pony riding! i wouldn't say that its a horse because it's so tiny. i was initially very excited and happy until halfway of the ride. because of how skinny the pony is and how much weight it has to pull us through the village.

i thought the feathers on top of the ponies were …

mekong; ben tre island

we decided go on a Mekong Delta Trip! There were so many tour packages at Sinh tourist for travelling around Mekong. We have decided to go for a day trip down to My Tho & Ben Tre.

so on the day itself, we went to Sinh tourist where our trip starts. we had banh mi for breakfast on the streets before waiting for our bus to come. the tour agency was packed with tourist and buses.

we took a bus and travelled to a port! blessed with such a good and sunny weather~~

we took a boat from the port to the islands.

our first stop was Con Phung (phoenix island) where we saw how rice paper were made.

grinding the rice & water.


there were so many flavours of rice paper. here's kevin posing with a pandan flavoured one!

there were also alot of local crafts on sale.