ho chi minh; shri restaurant

went to shri restaurant for dinner after chinatown trip. had to dress myself up just a little bit to suit the environment.

we had some difficulty finding the place initially because the taxi driver dropped us at a totally weird location. after asking some passerbys and checking handy dandy gps on our phones, we managed to arrive at Shri!

Shri is rooftop dining and bar venue in ho chi minh. i really love the scenery and ambience. the food was great too!

interior was chic and modern.

kevin had pesto pasta or something

i had sweet potato roast chicken! yumssss {ラブ}

overall we paid about US$100 for all that we ate, two main courses, fries, mojito, wine and coffee i think. it's very pricey compared to what you get in typical cafes and restaurants in ho chi minh but i do feel that it's totally worth it for the amazing view and experience!


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