ho chi minh; war remnants museum

the second day, kevin took me around to the various tourist spots in ho chi minh. before that, he already visited and 'scouted' the area before bringing me over.

the museum experience was simple. just photographs, words from survivors, soldiers. nothing too fanciful, just a clear message from the past. what i knew was that some vietnamese do not really like to visit that place as some of the exhibits reminds them of of their painful past.

the rest of the museum shows the effects of the war till today. war from agent orange and stuff that are too gross and disturbing.

after the visit, we went to a nearby restaurant for some food. it was interesting as they have set menus to feature food from different areas of vietnam. i think we tried central vietnam food or smth. can't really remember.

really love how healthy the food is in vietnam. lots and lots of veggies! this soup was so sweet that they added in starfruit!


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