ho chi minh; pho hoa x cafe soi da

headed to pho hoa to try vietnam 'best' pho!

it was so packed and there's so many food i've never tried or seen before. it was so interesting that they left the meat wrapped in leaves and the dough sticks on the tables. after we finish eating, we have to say how many we have eaten and paid for it.

it was good! but kevin says that he had tried another one which was better.

after dinner we went to Cafe Soi da, i did some research and googled online so i had a couple of cafes to try out.

cafe soi da was one of the recommended one. it was inside a small corner along the main road.

there was a live band, but we decided to sit somewhere quieter and on the 2nd floor of the cafe.

i ordered some kind of Soi da coffee or something. it was some kind of special blend with alcohol~


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