mekong; around the river + coconut candies

after having fruits, we headed down to a jetty where we took a boat along the canals. it's a little bit like punting except that some of the boats had the motor installed so the farmers could have a break in between. had great fun!

at the end, we jumped on top our larger boat to an island where we saw how fresh coconut candies were made. it smelled really good. & the fresh ones are so chewy and warm!

they come in variety of flavours like durian and cocoa. i bought alot of them back.

enjoyed fresh water coconuts too! i learned during this trip that there's a difference between the types of coconut and what are they used for.

this sums up the end of my mekong day. we arrived back in ho chi minh district 1 at about 5pm or so. hence, i decided to go for a manicure to remove my gelish which i had done earlier for my bday. we then had dinner at a quaint cafe around the corner of the street. the shop had such a small stairway which reminded me of amsterdam.


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