nha trang; first look

after being in ho chi minh for about 2 weeks, it gradually became the end of kevin's internship with VNG. during that time, we planned for our trip around vietnam. so we headed down to nha trang to our first destination!

we took a night flight and totally didnt know how to get from the airport to the city area. so we looked at our travel guides, internet and i have decided to follow whatever the group did. Which is to purchase a shuttle bus ticket and follow a bus! Which was a really good decision because it took almost an hour plus! after arriving at the shuttle bus area, we had to take another taxi down to our hotel.

Here's how our room looked! we checked in and watched a little of national geographic and slept.

had breakfast! with pork chops, rice. love the bbq pork chops.

afterwards, we walked towards the beach.

that's the little island that we are headed towards! Vinpearl

we took a cab down to the cable car. we had to take a cable car to the island. i dont really like cable cars...


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