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nha trang; funky monkey

We signed up for the funky monkey tour the night before because i really wanted to visit the islands and go for a dip into the waters.

First stop: Tri Nguyen Aquarium

it's not as impressive as the vinpearl aquarium though i really liked the odd shapes of the architecture. very interesting.

you could climb all the way up and view the scenery. quite an amazing view.

after which, we headed to an area where we snorkeled for awhile. mr k didn't snorkel cause he was afraid.... so i didn't snorkel for long as well. i also got a cut on my legs while trying to hug the metal railings.

and then we headed to Mot island where we stopped by the floating houses where we saw many fish.

nha trang; streets, veranda restaurant and historical village

roamed the streets after our day at Vinpearl.

settled for dinner at veranda. it was a great choice because i really enjoyed their sea bass.

we explored further after our dinner and walked into the historical village. we didn't know what was it. it seems to be a combination of museum, shop and cafe.

as we ventured deeper, i felt the creeps. some areas of the building seems very dark with some odd skull heads, candles and all. really gave me the creeps. in fact, when i looked back in our pictures, we had an eerie little girl in one of our pictures.