Norway -bbq in the winter night

oslo's amazing, i like how it is so easy to get around the city and i could find my way pretty well. i managed to meet many new people while visit sarah and bunking in at her place. the only pity was that i didn't have much time to stay longer, if not i would have gone to other places to visit the fjords as well as up north to catch a glimpse of the northern lights. i'm definitely heading there again and i'm going to set aside at least 2 weeks just to see norway!

so yeah, the first night i had arrived in the evening so i didn't travelled anywhere else. so let me start posting photos from the second day onwards. =D

this is a semi-frozen lake! i wished i could ice skate on it!

we had bbq dinner at night just outside sarah's hostel. it was the most extraordinary experience. because it was almost winter. we were practically frozen to death the whole time. i must admit it would be a very memorable experience because people were mostly staying near the bbq pits and bbq-ing themselves so that they could stay warm. the food was great and had to be eaten quickly or they'll turn to ice-cold temperature. it was a pity that i didn't take photos because it was so cold!


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