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nha trang; thap ba hot springs

we headed to thap ba hot springs after our trip around island hopping. we were really burnt from the hot sun. we took a cab down.

after reading a couple of reviews online, we have decided to go down on the later part of the day because there would be lesser people around and you would not have to share the same tub with other people. of course, you can have your own personal tub if you want, but that's more expensive. we just took the cheapest package anyways. 

there are lots of lots of tubs. we did not have to worry about other people dipping in the mud before us, because the mud is freshly dispense through a pipe and drained away after usage. i dont really care, cause mud is dirty anyways. 

after the mud, it's time to wash off by walking through a series of jet sprays!

& then we will soak again in warm mineral water.

when it's all done, you can choose to dip by a pool or head to a waterfall. because it was already so late,  we didn't have extra time to explore t…