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Sapa; the morning trek

I had difficulty choosing the photos so this will be a image heavy post again.

We started the trek down the hills with a group of tourist. There were natives that followed us and helped us along the way. It was raining and it was muddy. I was so grateful for their help because I had difficulty walking properly because I was not wearing the correct shoe. I did not know the walk is going to be steep and slippery.

happy and carefree boy

my hair is soaking up the rain water.

this way down the steep slopes of Sapa hills

We passed by rivers where we soaked our feet from all the mud.

Wrong shoes!

They were holding our hands during places that were difficult to walk.

Through the rice paddies~

We passed by places where there were families selling water. While we took a break.

I wondered what they have in their baskets.

A horse and a fox. Handicrafts from the natives.

Sapa; the night train

We returned back to Hanoi after Cat ba in the early morning. We left our bags at the travel agent and explored around Hanoi. Later in the night, we went to the train station to board the train to Sapa.

This is a 4 beds cabin. We shared the cabin with a couple. They were very warm people. The beds are really comfy and I sleep really well.

The trains are amazing as we left Hanoi, we went past homes, roads that were really near the trains.

We arrived at Sapa early morning next day and got a transfer from the railway to the Sapa hills. The ride was whiny and luckily I was too sleepy so I slept on the van. Once we arrived at Sapa, we were told that the trek will begin about a few hours later so we could burn some time exploring the area.

There were so many different types of houses and shops. It was so cooling and misty.

We settled down to a restaurant and had our brunch before the trek down the Sapa hills!