Halong Bay; Cat Ba Island & Horseshoe crab.

After monkey island we were given free time before our dinner at the hotel. we didn't eat much because i wanted to try the local food!

We walked by the boardwalk. Wanted to try the floating restaurants on the boats and it was a pity we didn't.

We ended up having our dinner at one of the restaurants along our hotel.

We tried horseshoe crabs! I've never tried it before so i was really curious. The shell was really heavy! Oh, I just learnt from that horseshoe crabs are actually endangered. But i didn't know during my trip. So anyways, we ordered a horseshoe crab!

Grilled prawns

They cooked the horseshoe crabs two ways. One, fried with batter and the other stir fried with sauce. The horseshoe crab has really chewy and rubbery texture. So it doesn't taste good at all. There were too many weird stuff in it. Probably we didn't know the right way to eat.

We went to a night market after dinner and explored the area. There isn't really much to explore though.


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