Halong bay; golden lotus

Early next day, we set off to Halong bay! I'm really very excited for the trip. We took a mini bus early in the morning to the harbour from our hotel. 

The ride was quite long, i can't remember how long probably 3 hours or so?

We also stopped halfway to a place where they sell local handicrafts and souvenirs.

Once we arrived at the harbour, we were given tickets for 'entering' halong bay. There are various tours that we can choose to tour along halong bay. It also depends on the number of nights you would want to stay on the cruise or on one of the islands. There are also one day tours as well.

we took a little boat to our bigger boat from the harbour. lots and lots of boats for tourists!

This family is from Germany, they are really nice and warm people. Most of the people onboard the cruise with us were caucasians. So, we were the only Asians around.

This is the cruise/boat that we stayed for the night! Golden Lotus. It's one of the nicer boats. Once we got to our cruise, we checked into our rooms and had lunch on board.

There are three levels to the boat. The first which is our bedrooms. Here's cosy little bedroom. The toilet is pretty good as well, better than what I've expected! I think there are warm water for showers as well (i can't remember very clearly). Too bad that i didn't capture any pictures of the bathroom.

Here is the corridor for the 1st level. Our room is near to the crew's bedroom as well as the kitchen area where they prepare their food.

This is the second floor, we have our dining area, bar and common toilet. There's balcony where we can laze and sit around.

& lastly, this is the top deck of Golden Lotus. I loved it the most, cool to chill, read a book and see the stars at night.

This is the little boat that brings us to the islands or where ever the waters are too shallow.


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