hanoi; water puppet

At nightfall, we roamed around and saw many stalls selling seafood. Wanted to try something but was too full from the duck. So kev brought me to avalon. It's a rooftop cafe which oversee the whole Hoan Kiem Lake.

the blue & red neon light building is the water puppet theatre where we headed next for our show.

There were so many people rushing into the theatre before the show starts. It was nice because the show had people speaking in english, french and some other major language. So we knew a little bit about the what it is all about. 

Live orchestra playing while the puppeteers behind the curtain.

it's a story about harvesting, catching the coconut, mythical creatures such as the phoenix, dragon, turtle.

this part was interesting because there's smoke and candle fire.

after the show we headed back to rest as we had to travel to halong there after.


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