Sapa; the villages

After walking and battling with the fickle weather of rain and sun, we arrived at Lao Chai village.

Here's a picture of me and my poor guide. I bought something from her because I felt really bad because I made her fall cause I lost my step during the walking trail down the hills. Really thankful for them to be around. I felt much safer.

Kevin and his guide.

We settled at a restaurant for lunch.

While we are waiting for lunch, little children would come over to try sell their handicrafts.


The clouds started to clear after lunch, the sun came out and it was so hot! We continued to walk around the villages. There were separate communities and minority.

We stopped by a souvenir shop.

These were incense.

my nails and shoes took real damage through our trails. chipped, torn and tattered. We took a bus from the bottom of the village back up to Sapa town where we finally checked into our hotel.


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