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Year 2015 & turning 25.

Ending the last post of the year with my birthday (on 21 July, i also had a separate celebration at Nat's place).

This year i have turned a quarter century old. And it's also my first time fretting about the future - going through a quarter life crisis! Sometimes you are expected to achieve and behave a certain way when you are that age. I have always refuse to think that way and go through a cookie cutter life, so i am glad that i have seek out adventures since i turned 19. I do miss the freedom and craziness in my younger days.

To fuel my cravings for adventures, I need to find a way to get a proper income and I am really glad for my work. I am so happy that i managed to head to Japan this year because it is my dream. Japan didn't disappoint and I fell in love with the place.

Also, I didn't regret investing in a new camera - GX7 this year. My EPL1 has finally retired after 4 years of heavy usage. I am glad I am able to record all my happy memories.

This year I am als…

happy 1 month Kayla

So happy for Ashley's bundle of joy. Baby Kayla turned 1 month old in September. During that time, we also celebrated Ashley's birthday.

Nat got the yummiest cupcake from plain vanilla.

Can't believe Ashley is a mummy right now. It was like yesterday when we are still young and crazy in secondary school. My first friend who has gotten a baby and has matured so much during the past few months. I remembered going to hospital the day when Kayla is born. Ash was so frustrated cause she couldn't understand what Kayla needed when Kayla was crying and when she has trouble feeding her. Now it is just like second nature to her.

Stay strong Ashley!

Crab in da Bag

Dined at Crab in da Bag at the Big Splash located at East Coast. I like eating with my hands and messy food. Makes it so much more yummy.

Though i probably won't go back again so soon because the meal was decent though the price was a little bit on the pricer side.

Things to do in Singapore: Adventure Cove

This is a long overdue post.

Last year August, we headed to the Adventure cove for some waterpark fun.

My favourite part of the day was the lazy river and snorkeling. The water rides were pretty fun too! Though the queue was really long.

A group shot before all of us were herded into the snorkeling pool. It was sooo cold. It's definitely much easier to snorkel; the water is calm as there are no waves.