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maki san & tony tony chopper!

We went to maki-san for customised sushi. Kevin bought kevin's bacon san sushi, which suits him really well. He loves meat.

Their packaging is so interesting!

& a huge chopper! my favourite.

Hoshino Coffee with Bananas

Hoshino coffee at Plaza Singapura together with the bananas. Because we were hungry, we ordered lots of food and desserts. It was such a sweet day. 

Yums yums. Really good

This is called Fuwa Fuwa rice. Soft and yummy.

Green tea souffle.


We had a free green tea cone too! Unfortunately we didn't try their coffee. We were so stuffed by the end of the night.

Hello Kitty Town

We went to hello kitty town last year. It was a trip with the twins together with our boyfriends. I guess most of the time the guys were bored and being photographers for the girls. 
The most enjoyable time was when we dressed up as Sanrio characters for a photo. Seriously LOL. Kudos for boyfriend dressing up as hello kitty. HAHAHAHAHA.

So the first place was to a treasure hunt where we have to look for clues with our lamps.

There were different rooms to look for clues and I really liked this room where there are hugeee white hello kitties.

At the end, we are graded for the whole treasure hunt.

There was another area where you could visit the homes. So alot of picture opportunity using the props.

& in certain timings there would be parade where you can see the characters. Lots of dancing and little children.

There was an area where you get to decorate your cookies with like jam or chocolate. I didn't cause it was disgusting... IMO

But the rest were happily decorating.