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Bangkok; final lap

the last day, we went to MBK and also to central world where i had my favourite green tea ice cream from melt me.

My nose had a huge pimple which made my whole face swell like crazy......

Bangkok; afteryou desserts & khao san

Morning comes and we went to Chatuchak. Mr K was too lazy and lazy... so he didn't went along with us.

after chatuchak, I headed back to hotel and we headed to silom for late lunch and dinner. we passed by this cafe called after you and noticed that it had a really long queue. so i decided to head back for desserts. and it was the best decision made because their desserts are really worth every single wait and calories.

had a hair cut. it was horrifying. because all she did was 5 snips. and that's all!

had mookata for dinner!

and some random pictures with the cutout boards. Mr K got all excited about it...

Best place for desserts ever!

i secretly wished that i could eat more, because everything was soooo good. I wanted to try everything on the menu!

Bangkok; Calypso

We headed back to Asiatique the next day because I wanted to watch Calypso. Basically it's a transexual cabaret style kind of show.

Settled to a pretty restaurant for live music and dinner. 

Got the tix for Calypso!

It was so red when you enter.