Bangkok; terminal 21

On our 4th day at Bangkok, i decided to visit terminal 21. It's a travel themed shopping mall. Being a travel bug, I wanted to check this place out!

Arriving at terminal 21, it really felt like an airport. The escalators and signboards takes you to different parts of the world stepping into different country on each floors. 

So first up! Food! On the side note, my face became super swollen on the 4th day and i had no idea why. It became so bad and it never happened to me before. I avoided taking pictures from the worst angles of the swelling but you can see that there is swelling.

Omelette padthai

Green curry fried rice

Pork salad

Tom yum. My favourite! It was really good!

After lunch we roamed around.

Here's China.



I think Mr K is trying to be funny here. Since my face is swollen, Mr K is happy posing with all the thematic props at Terminal 21.


No idea what he is trying to do.

& then there's japan floor. adorable. the toilets were themed harajuku and kyoto odeo style. it made me wanting to try the toilets on the other floors (but i didn't).

Just outside the toilet, btw.

Italian theme.

& ending off with churros from the basement.


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