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Mount Fuji; Kawaguchi Station

We took the vintage bus back to kawaguchi station.

Love the experience.

Mount Fuji finally.

Back to Kawaguchi station where we shopped before boarding the bus back to Tokyo.

Peach & grape curry... wonder how does it taste like.

My favourite rainbow water from Asahi.

Our crazy snack loots from Mount Fuji.

Mount Fuji; Kawaguchi lake x Heidi's Garden

We wanted to grab some bites before heading back so we stopped by Heidi's Garden. It's a beautiful place inspired by the anime - アルプスの少女ハイジ.

There is a bakery and an italian restaurant.

The restaurant was closed so we had pizza and coffe instead. Their pastries looked so good too but we didn't get any. 

The pizza was simple - cheese and tomato. It was sooooo gooooddddddddd.

After that, we headed to grab the bus back to Kawaguchi Station.

Mount Fuji; Kawaguchi lake x Herb hall

We headed to visit the area around Kawaguchi lake. It was full of quaint cafes, stores and happiness.

There were people fishing and strolling around the lake. 

But it was soooooo cold and windy. I'm freezing.

The only view of mount Fuji.

Headed to the Herb Hall next!

We shopped inside Herb Hall. There are so many interesting omiyages!

Initially i thought the bag was some super huge grapes that is grown at Mount Fuji. And it turned out to be grape jelly. It was so gooooooodddd.

Edible flower biscuits.

Dried flowers.

More floral tea, incense, essence oil and such.

Lovely garden.