Mount Fuji; Shibazakura Matsuri Part 2

We took a bus ride to Kawaguchi station from Shinjuku Bus Terminal. It was the chou expressway or something. 

Shinjuku train station was a huge underground maze and we got lost trying to look for the bus terminal. Luckily we came across helpful people and we managed to get to our destination!

The bus trip was roughly two hours or so and by the time we reached Kawaguchi, it was already noon. This is the Kawaguchi train and bus terminal. I like how pretty the train station is. They also have their local tour buses that are vintage and goes to the different tourist spots around Kawaguchi lake.

We got our tickets to the Shibazakura Festival and we had to take a bus which was around 30minutes or so away.

There were lots of tourist and locals visiting the festival.

Other than admiring the flowers, you can eat and shop all the omiyage! 

So many pretty packaging and so tempted to buy all back!

Saw a food truck and tried their kusamochi - grass mochi, literal translation. 

I love to try interesting food..

It was grassy haha! and there is anko (red bean) filling inside the mochi.

 More stalls and more omiyage.

The local wines are really affordable and they costs around 1200 - 2000 yen or so per bottle.

Was literally complaining about the cold weather. I wanted to stay indoors as much as posssible...

No idea, why i had this expression. but i think its funny.

Mount Fuji only appeared on the bus ride back from Shibazakura Festival to Kawaguchi Station. I was disappointed that i could not capture the flowers with the backdrop of Mount Fuji. But I guess, there will always be a next time.

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