Tokyo Day 1; Shibuya

We headed to Shibuya. I had other plans initially but I had to change it because of mother nature. Shibuya is so exciting. So many colours and sounds vying for my attention. I couldn't keep still. 

Mandatory picture with Hachiko.

Thanks Kevin for this awesome picture! Shibuya crossing.

We shopped and headed to Ichiran Ramen for an early dinner. It was lucky we went earlier as there was a long queue when we left the place.

Yay for customised ramen.

Enjoying ramen in my little cube.

I'm not a egg yolk lover. But I shall give onsen eggs an exception.

Had to finish it all!!!

It rained at night, so we went back shopping for brollies. haha cheap ones from the 100yen store.

We wanted to continue shopping at Shibuya 109 mens. But because it was so late, and we are so tired from all the travelling and walking, we decided to settle down at Hoshino Coffee.

There was not much items on the menu except for some desserts and coffee.

I wanted strawberry shortcake but they had already ran out of them so i had an orange tart instead. It was so delicious! 

Our seat had a good view of Shibuya crossing at night. :) 

This is a vintage train transformed into a tourism office at Shibuya. So awesome.

Buys for Day 1.


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