Tokyo Day 1; First look

I had the most wonderful time exploring Tokyo last month. It was a place I've always wanted to go since I was 17! And finally, I got to do it together with Kevin.

Here's the start to our Tokyo Travelogue!

We took a night flight, slept in the plane and arrived at Narita airport.

We got to the airport, got our wifi router and train ticket to the city. We knew that we had to get to Nipponri to change the train and initially we did not know what kind of train we can take so we headed to the counter and got the Keisei Sky Liner which costs us around 2000yen or so. It was a comfortable train and more premium class compared to the normal trains.

Tokyo Travel Tip: Download this App called Japan Travel. It is useful for travelling around Tokyo, it shows how to get from stations to stations as well as the costs. I used this and googlemap to figure my way around the city.

Got some convenience food and ate it while waiting for the train.

We arrived at Nipponri and transfer to JR yamanote line to Shinokubo which is the nearest JR station to our accommodation.

This was a flower market/cafe found within the train station (paid area).

Arrival at Shinokubo station and our hotel is just across! A short walk of 5 minutes or so. 

The area around Shinokubo is like a korean town. You can find many koreans and korean shops along the streets, I feel that it is quite a safe place because there are still many people around late night though occasionally there are some drunk people at night. 

Best hotel and this korean restaurant is next to each other tucked away in a small alley.

Because we were early, we didn't have our room ready for check in yet. So we walked to Takashimaya at Shinjuku. I wanted to get our Disneysea tickets at the Disney store.

We stopped by Lawrence (which is their supermarket chain). I wanted to get Studio Ghibli tickets, however, it was all sold out. Got ice cream instead.

Looks nice. But taste horrible IMO. The blue bit taste like bubblegum and I'm not a fan of it.

I loved how their transport cards can be customised with our names on it!

Took the train back to our hotel and checked in our items.

The room is not the best but seriously, who can complain when it is just less than S$90 per night, short distance to the JR line station, toilet + shower within the room. Especially since most of the time we will be out roaming along the streets.

What I find weird was that the sink area was located outside just beside the bed.


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