Things to do in Singapore: I LOVE BEAUTIFUL FOOD Workshop

I love taking pictures of food; it makes me happy and fills up about 50% of my instagram pictures.

So when i heard that Fashvacation is holding a workshop about food styling, I went to sign up for it!

The workshop was held last Tuesday at a lovely quaint cafe called Mean Bean & Wicked Grind located at the Plaza. I like how cozy and intimate the cafe is.

I Love Beautiful Food workshop had three sections with different guest speakers to share about their knowledge/tips/tricks. 

  1. Coffee Appreciation by Kimberly Yeo of Mean Bean & Wicked Grind
  2. Basic Food Styling and Photography by Vickii Ma of V's Kitchen and Shanna Xu of The Belly & Co. 
  3. Sampling of Bakes from Vickii Ma of V's Kitchen and Kim + Bryan of Milkmade. 

Meet the girls!
(from left to right): Kimberly of Mean Bean and Wicked Grind, Vickii of V's Kitchen & Shanna of The Belly & Co.

First up: Coffee Appreciation 

I love cafes! & I love to order lattes and cappuccino that comes with the coffee art. Makes the experience so happy and photo op worthy. 

Kimberly shared with us the type of coffee bean she uses, the shots that goes into a latte/cappuccino/flat white. We got to taste the coffee she made from ristretto versus espresso shot. And the highlight, a live demo on how she makes a bear coffee art! 

Next: Basic Food Styling and Photography

I follow both Vickii and Shanna on Instagram and I'm a huge fan of their pictures and styling. So I was really happy to meet them in person and to hear them share their tips. They are really young and enterprising girls. 

Vickii shared her tips on food photography and styling. We learned to take in consideration of certain elements such as lighting, contrast, colours, props and photo editing which will all contribute and make a photo - instagram worthy. 

Afterwards, we got an opportunity to be hands on and try taking pictures of the bakes that Vickii from V's Kitchen and Milkmade prepared as well as the coffee art that Kimberly made. 

Lastly: Bakes Sampling

Another highlight of the workshop. The tasting. Before tasting, Vickii of V's Kitchen shared about her bakes. She made Carrot Cake and Banana Coconut Loaf Cake that were vegan (no butter, no dairy, no eggs). This was my first time trying vegan cakes and it taste really good! The cakes were moist and yummy. I couldn't believe that it was made without any butter, milk and eggs! 

We also tried the Butterscotch Pie from Milkmade. It was another heavenly dessert! The pie crust was made with oats and gave an amazing texture to the pie. 

After the class, we got to hang around and to meet the people who came to the class. It was nice speaking to people who are passionate about the things they do. 

& we got to take some bakes home to share with our family!

Thank you Natalie of Fashvacation for organising this wonderful gathering!

If you want to red out more about the workshop you can go to:

Writing this post makes me so excited for This Saturday's event organised by Fashvacation. I'm sure its going to be wonderful because it's packed with even more goodies. 
There will be shopping, freebies, runway show etc..
& you know what, Milkmade is going to be there with wonderful bakes for all to try and bring home.

Find out all about the event here! 


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