Tokyo Day 3; Akihabara

In the late afternoon, we headed to Akihabara. It's Kevin's favourite place in my opinion because it is a conglomeration of his favourite things.

For eg: the Gachapon machine - Capsule toys. There are so many littered all over the stores and streets of Akihabara. He would stop at every gachapon to see if he has anything he liked. During the trip, he kept collecting 100 yen coins him to gacha.

Loved how everything is grabbing my attention.

We headed to a 7 storey building dedicated to all things anime. It's called Animate. After going to the building, I know i'm not an anime fan cause there are so many thing i dont know. It is a store for the real fanatics. You can get everything in there! & each floor for different items, eg, DVD is one floor, CD another floor, comics another floor, etc, etc.

There's even a Gachapon area!

Kevin is a happy boy here.

We got hungry and got some tako balls for snack.

& dinner, we settle for a random ramen stall.

After dinner we head to a huge electronics departmental store called Yodobashi. I loved the floor which sells toys. Toys like NDS, PSP and all the random toys, puzzles, etc.

Hauls of the day - mostly from Don Quixote. & i bought a takoyaki electronic pan from Don Quixote.  Seriously regretted it because it was so difficult to bring back. But i brought back anyways and tried cooking with it - and its a story for another day.

I also bought some puzzles from Studio Ghibli animes. They are from Don Quixote and Yodabashi.


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